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Find your inner balance

Each human is built in relation to another human.  In the relational therapy the client-therapist relationship is at the heart of the process, because it is the relationship that heals and can help the client live or regain inner balance, find peace and therefore lead a more satisfying life.

why and for whom?

Difficult situations in life, break-up, burnout, mourning, unemployment, worries with children, difficulties in your relationship or at work, feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, anxiety, overthinking, difficulty integrating etc., all these things can seriously jeopardize the quality of life and your ability to be present .

A relational psychotherapy opens the door to explore and to embrace the sources of your suffering by looking at the relationship you have with yourself, as well as with others, in order to better understand the emotions and the behaviors that results from these interactions and to identify the sources of suffering in order to make choices that improve your life.

Engaging in a relational psychotherapy provides a secure, supportive and empathetic place to be heard and to gain or regain inner peace.

The therapy is for adults and young adults seeking individual or couple therapy.

my approach

I seek to understand the client’s unique self-experience in their social and relational context and to respond with empathy and genuine presence .

The relational psychotherapy integrates different theoretical approaches and uses tools that enrich and give meaning to the practice. Here, the relationship between the therapist and client is the primary agent of change.

This approach looks at the human psyche through different perspectives providing a broader understanding of the complexities of the human psyche.

It is in this sense a multi referential psychotherapy.

the sessions

Individual and couple session

The first session is an opportunity to meet the therapist, the "orientation" session lasts about an hour and will not be charged. 

The client can express his/her motivations and decide whether the approach suits his/her needs.  This phase is very important in setting the grounds for the therapy.

Individual and/or couple sessions are then put into place, the frequency of the appointments are agreed to with the therapist. During the individual and couple sessions several tools and methods can be used to explore the clients intra and interpersonal world such as symbolization tools, analytic sessions, role-playing, gestalt-inspired tools, “Echoed dialogue” (“partage en écho”) etc.

Group therapy/workshops

I also animate group therapy with individuals and couples who wish to acess a more in-depth exploration into their relationships to obtain a better understanding of themselves in the context of real-life relationships offered by the group.  Clients will be able to make more informed, healthy and adaptive choices based on a deeper awareness of their feelings, interpersonal behaviors, reactions and patterns.

Group therapy provides a secure and empathetic setting to explore new ways to interact with others and to share one’s humanity with individuals who seek to improve the quality of their relationships.

Group sessions are only open to existing clients who are committed in an on-goingtherapy.

The psycho corporal axis is important in the relational psychotherapy I practice. In this way, I was able to see the importance of connecting to your body in order to reconnect with yourself and to your life force. For this reason and because I am passionate about dance I organise punctual workshops called Mouvance Corporelle.

About me

I was trained as a psychopractitioner in relational psychotherapy by ADyRe (Atelier d'études de Dynamiques Relationnelles ) and then by PsyRem (Psyché et Relations en Mouvement), I am now an affiliated member of this collective of practioners. I followed a therapeutic process and I thus acquired a real understanding of myself and relational dynamics.  

As a psychopractitioner I was trained in the methods and theories of relational psychotherapy first through AdyRe with Nadine Gobin and then by the network of therapists from PsyRem who are teaching and still practicing therapists in France and Switzerland.

Through a theoretical and didactic training, each member of PsyRem is involved in an even deeper knowledge of themselves and, at the same time, larger than oneself since the approach is based on the relationship with another.

All members of PSYREM have been through a long therapeutic process (more than 10 years) through individual as well and group work. Each therapist has a supervision in place and / or peer to peer exchange groups.

In the light of this personal process and this broader knowledge of the human I have a concrete, humanistic and solid foundation to accompany clients in their personal journey with great empathy.

My other activity is as a fundraising consultant for charities in greaterGeneva, a profession that also solicits an understanding of relational dynamics. In my spare time, I am a sports coach mainly for people in quest of a health-well-being through sports as well as a volunteer coach with Flag21 an initiative promoting integration for migrants through sports.

I speak English and French with a multicultural upbringing and I proud to share this sensitivity to diversity in my work as a therapist.

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